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What is Chamforcor CFC

CHAMFORCOR CFC is a light-weight, three legged, modular plastic insert. Ease of use ensures correct installation. CHAMFORCOR CFC interfaces quickly and easily with standard 45 degree chamfer strips.

Good corners are the time consuming part of Chamfer formwork

Want to avoid miter hassles?
Want to eliminate grinding and patching?
Want to save time?
Want perfect corners?

CHAMFORCOR CFC is the solution for you!

1. Perfectly formed, accurate and clean corners.
2. Easy to install.
3. Saves on labor costs and energy
4. Reusable.

Specify CHAMFORCOR CFC for perfect corners.
Section 03100 Concrete Formwork
Under FORMWORK ACCESSORIES, architects and engineers should specify CHAMFORCOR Corner Form Inserts to assure that the contractor can form perfect chamferred corners. Specifying CFC, in conjunction with standard chamfer strips, will assure concrete corner chamfers that will meet your demanding finish specifications.

Concrete contractors should be aware that there is now a formwork accessory that has been field tested with proven results and substantial cost savings. Check your specs and use CHAMFORCOR for perfect chamferred corners.


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